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I am fully qualified to teach core informatics and computer science courses (e.g., Object Oriented Programming, Database Management Systems, Distributed Systems, among others).

Furthermore, I am very interested in teaching courses that contribute to the broad fields of data science, energy informatics, and environmental sustainability. These include for example, sensing, data acquisition and actuation, sensor data management, and applied signal-processing and machine-learning

Lastly, I am very interested in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), as such one of my objectives is to possibly release my own courses in online learning platforms like Coursera or Edx.

Current Teaching

  • 06-201902-2019

    Communication and Multimedia

    University of Madeira

Previous Teaching

  • 02-201809-2017

    Programming Paradigms

    University of Madeira

    This is the introduction to programming course to a number of degrees at the University of Madeira, including three engineering degrees (Informatics, Electronic,  and Civil Engineering), and Mathematics.

    The programming language of choice is python, and the course covers different programming paradings, like imperative, recursion and functional programming. It also introduces object oriented programming, and fundamental  concepts like abstract data types and linear structures like stacks and queues.