Lucas Pereira, Jonathan Cavaleiro, Hugo Morais
Publication year: 2023


Industrial Kitchens (IKs) are spaces with very intensive electricity consumption. Nevertheless, unlike other sectors in industry and commerce, very little research has been carried out to understand the role of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in improving the energy efficiency of such spaces. In this respect, this paper presents a year-long real-world assessment of employing the combination of solar PV and BESS in a small kitchen restaurant on Madeira Island. The results suggest that the PV-BESS can become profitable due to the high consumption levels observed in the restaurant, especially when energy arbitrage is also considered. The results also show that in the context of IKs it is essential to account for appliances with high power fluctuations when controlling the battery to avoid unintended grid feed-in.