Jo√£o Gois, Lucas Pereira, Nuno Nunes
Sensors 2022, 22(18), 6914; doi: 10.3390/s22186914
Publication year: 2022


Recent research on non-intrusive load monitoring, or load disaggregation, suggests that the performance of algorithms can be affected by factors beyond energy data. In particular, by incorporating non-electric data in load disaggregation analysis, such as building and consumer characteristics, the estimation accuracy of consumption data may be improved. However, this association has rarely been explored in the literature. This work proposes a data-centric methodology for measuring the effect of non-electric characteristics on load disaggregation performance. A real-world dataset is considered for evaluating the proposed methodology, using various appliances and sample rates. The methodology results indicate that the non-electric characteristics may have varying effects on the performances of different building appliances. Therefore, the proposed methodology can be relevant for complementing load disaggregation analysis.