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An Experimental Comparison of Performance Metrics for Event Detection Algorithms in NILM

Lucas Pereira, Nuno Nunes
Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring
Publication year: 2018

Towards using Low-Cost Opportunistic Energy Sensing for Promoting Energy Conservation

Nuno J. Nunes, Lucas Pereira, Valentina Nisi
Adjunct Proceedings of Interact 2015. Bamberg, Germany
Publication year: 2015

Towards Systematic Performance Evaluation of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Algorithms and Systems

Lucas Pereira, Nuno J. Nunes
Proceedings of SustainIT 2015. Madrid, Spain
Publication year: 2015

Towards Automating the Performance Evaluation of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Systems

Lucas Pereira
Adjunct Proceedings of ICT for Sustainability 2013. Zurich, Switzerland
Publication year: 2013