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Towards Automating the Performance Evaluation of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Systems

Lucas Pereira
Adjunct Proceedings of ICT for Sustainability 2013. Zurich, Switzerland
Publication year: 2013

Low cost framework for non-intrusive home energy monitoring and research

Lucas Pereira, Nuno Nunes
Proceedings of SMARTGREENS 2012. Porto, Portugal
Publication year: 2012

A long-term study of energy eco-feedback using non-intrusive load monitoring

Poster Abstract
Filipe Quintal, Lucas Pereira, Nuno J. Nunes
Adjunct Proceedings of Persuasive Technology 2012. Linköping, Sweden
Publication year: 2012

The design of a hardware-software platform for long-term energy eco-feedback research

Lucas Pereira, Filipe Quintal, Nuno J. Nunes
Proceedings of ACM EICS 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark
Publication year: 2012

Eco-Avatars: Visualizing Disaggregate Home Energy Use

Demo Abstract
Leandro Gouveia, Lucas Pereira, Michelle Scott, Ian Oakley
Adjunct Proceedings of DIS 2012. Newcastle, UK
Publication year: 2012

HomeTree – An Art Inspired Mobile Eco-feedback Visualization

Demo Abstract
Filipe Quintal, Valentina Nisi, Nuno J. Nunes, Mary L. Barreto, Lucas Pereira
Proceedings of ACE 2012. Katmandou, Nepal
Publication year: 2012

Deploying and evaluating the effectiveness of energy eco-feedback through a low-cost NILM solution

Nuno J. Nunes, Lucas Pereira, Filipe Quintal, Mario Bérges
Proceedings of Persuasive Technology 2011, Columbus, OH, USA
Publication year: 2011

Cross-Media User Interfaces for Controlling the Enterprise - The EAGLE Integrated System

Pedro Campos, Filipe Sousa, Lucas Pereira, Carlos Perestrelo, Duarte Freitas
Proceedings of ICEIS 2007. Funchal, Portugal
Publication year: 2007
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